“Discipling generations in Christ Jesus by the Word of God, in the will of God, for the worship of God alone.”

Crosswinds is a welcoming body of believers who share a love for the Lord.  We desire to build a unified local church family for the purpose of discipling Christians in the Word of God, by the will of God, for the worship of God alone.

Our leaderhip’s passion for the exegetical, verse-by-verse teaching of the Bible brings a firm foundation of truth to the life of our church.


Crosswinds is affiliated with the EFCA.

Pastoral Staff

Jeff Wisner

Pastor Jeff Wisner has been shepherding the flock at Crosswinds Community Church since August of 2005. He has a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Wichita State University (1973) and a Masters of Divinity from Talbot Theological Seminary (1983), in California.  Pastor Jeff is committed to preaching the Word of God with reverence to its authority, and preaches its truths in an expository exegetical manner.

Jason Meade
Associate Pastor

Jason has a combined Masters/Bachelor degree in Biblical Studies from Trinity Bible College & Theological Seminary in Indiana (2014), and a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Central Washington University (1999). He and his wife, Dawn, have four daughters and have been a part of Crosswinds since 2009.  They are thankful the Lord has given them the opportunity to serve at Crosswinds.